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First Advisor

Jay Berkow

Second Advisor

Jeremiah Downes


This is a thesis about the WMU Musical Theatre Performance Class of 2019 Senior Showcase titled “Next Stop Broadway”. The Showcase began as a class in the fall of 2018, ending with a performance of the showcase in Kalamazoo. The class focuses on developing the showcase as a whole, which includes individual song selection, duet selection, and learning an opener and closer. The class then performs the showcase for various professionals in the business as they visit Kalamazoo. Additionally, the class spent a week working with Broadway star Brenda Braxton and then performed the showcase with her in Kalamazoo at the end of November. The class then traveled to New York for a week in New York City with a performance of the showcase on March 4th, 2019. The class also went to a series of workshops with various professionals in the industry.

Attached materials include two videos of Margaret Snyder’s showcase performance in Kalamazoo. One video is of her solo performance of the song “Funny” from the musical MY FAVORITE YEAR. The second video is of her duet performance with classmate Jono Mammel of the song “Bolt Of Love” from the musical THEDA BARA AND THE FRONTIER RABBI. Additionally, there is a reflection of the experience that came with the showcase. The reflection covers the entire process from the view point of the student, starting from the beginning of the process and going all the way through the end of the trip to New York City. The reflection also includes what happens after the showcasing, including the process of agent meetings, and building connections with industry professionals. The thesis was considered complete on the day of the showcase (March 4th, 2019).

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted