Graduating Presentations 2019 Dance Concert: Labyrinth We See Only Fragments


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First Advisor

Laura Cornish

Second Advisor

Nina Nelson

Third Advisor

Carolyn Rabbers


We See Only Fragments is part of a larger concert, Labyrinth, the Graduating Presentation Concert of 2019, produced entirely by the senior BFA class within Western Michigan University’s Department of Dance. This portfolio explores the choreographic research, reflecting upon the process of creation, as well as the elements of producing a concert. Included in the portfolio are documents showing music analysis, lighting paperwork, costume design, spreadsheets showing budgeting and reimbursements, and other materials involved in the production of the concert.

We See Only Fragments is a piece of choreographic research that explores the concept of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. As humans, the lens through which we view events differs based on a multitude of factors. We See Only Fragments explores the similarities and differences within the human experience, the differences between finding happiness and finding fulfillment, and the way we relate to others on this journey.

This piece begins in a warm, rosy environment. The first section is lighter, showcasing the romanticized version of events. Throughout the piece, the world shifts, as the reality begins to infiltrate the picturesque. The movement matches this shift, deteriorating and transforming to possessing more grounded and athletic qualities. The transition is slow, as if glass is slowly cracking, revealing what is being withheld. The piece climaxes with an intense viewing of reality, as the dancers take on a more honest, transparent view of the factual evidence by which they are surrounded. Following this breaking point, the pieces moves on to a warm, but dark world. This concludes the piece, with the warmth of the world representing a positive outlook for the journey ahead, but a darker, more honest view of the reality that is in front of the dancers. The dancers exit the stage on the same pathway that they entered, showing the cyclicality of life. The ending of We See Only Fragments shows that a cycle in life has been completed, but a lesson has been learned and a new outlook has been formed. This outlook then impacts and changes the experiences to come and the way they are approached.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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