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Heather McGee

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Justin Gish

Third Advisor

Shannon Bajo


This study will investigate the effects of graphic prompts with integrated quick response (QR) codes posted to a solar charging bench. The hypothesis is that posted prompts and the bench itself will increase website traffic and visibility of sustainable actions at Western Michigan University. Website traffic will be monitored using Google Analytics software which will allow for tracking of website visits specifically from scanning the QR code. Thus, data from bench installation and from bench installation with prompts will be compared with baseline data from before installation of the bench and before installation graphic prompts. Data that supports the hypothesis, increased website traffic, will lend additional backing to other research on the use of graphic prompts and QR codes to increase behavior and interaction with online entities as well as usage of the solar charging bench by participants. Future research with collection of participant demographics could be conducted in order to analyze which groups out of a more general population may be influenced more by prompts, QR codes, and usage of the bench. This has large implications relating to the advancement of sustainability at Western Michigan University and the increased visibility of sustainable actions being taken by the university.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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