Date of Defense

Spring 4-10-2000



First Advisor

James Diego Luce Bruff, Art

Second Advisor

Tricia Hennessy, Art


installation art, retail


Graphic design makes use of a wide range of applications in creating effective visual communication. In addition to the historically accepted various forms of printed material, most people now count websites, film titling, and broadcast graphics among potential graphic design formats. Environmental graphic design still resides in a gray area, sitting at the juncture of architecture, interior decoration, construction, and graphic design. The interrelations between all of the components in environmental design make it a difficult topic to understand or develop work in. Typically, graphic design education does not mention building techniques or building codes, nor to interior decorators learn how to correctly kern type. Any work in the design of an environment draws on all of these fields and requires some interdisciplinary collaboration and research. Light and sound are traditionally under-utilized in environmental graphic design. The author explores consumerism in the form of online shopping.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only