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Date of Graduation



Speech, Language and Hearing Science

First Advisor

Amy Wagenfeld

Second Advisor

Ben Atchison


The quality of the physical environment is understood to impact overall health, wellbeing, and capacity to learn and engage in daily life. This pilot study explores how students in the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences program at Western Michigan University view the effects of indoor and outdoor nature spaces at the College of Health and Human Services on the East Campus of Western Michigan University on their learning experience. Results of the study suggest that there are significant relationships between the participant’s perception of interesting qualities in the College of Health and Human Services and feeling a sense of connection to their learning environment. The data also suggested that there is a significant relationship between student perception of their ability to focus in the College of Health and Human Services atrium and time spent there, as well perception that the CHHS is designed differently than other academic buildings.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access