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Computer Science

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John Kapenga

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Elise de Doncker


The Standards Project is a web app that is intended to assist United States K-12 students in meeting the academic standards each state has set out for their students. The app is intended to allow instructors to see how proficient incoming students are in standards set for the prior grade (e.g. 6th grade students’ 5th grade math skills would be shown) and launch “interventions”—be these online modules with educational content and quiz questions, after school activities, or some other form of instruction—in order to help students in problem areas while spending a minimum of class time on old material.

It is hoped that this will save instructors of the difficult choice between leaving students behind and having a whole class spend time remediating an entire class. Some students suffer either way. The Standards Project hopes that by affording beneficial instruction outside the classroom for specific students in specific areas, those that would be left behind may see some increase in their skills. Even if such students do not see full proficiency in a given area, they may see some gain in skill rather than decay, and this project believes that that is a result worth striving for.

Our team sought to implement this web app using the PHP-based Laravel framework. The scope of our development was relatively foundational, as we were mostly concerned with adding basic functionality to some web pages and designing a relational database to support later use. The former endeavor required use of HTML and CSS while the database was created using MySQL. By the end of our development period we had a proof-of-concept that could ideally be used to demonstrate functionality and elicit the help of federal grants for our client. It is expected that future senior design classes will continue work on this project, eventually yielding a system that can see trials across multiple school districts.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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