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Business - Interdisciplinary

First Advisor

Donna Talbot

Second Advisor

Vunsin Hiew Doubblestein


The purpose of this study is to understand and raise awareness of international Asian students’ culture and experiences at Western Michigan University. As an immigrant, I am interested in listening to personal stories about people’s culture and upbringing. I want to give students an opportunity to share their narratives and a chance to help contribute to a better understanding of culture and inclusion on campus.

Through this study, I will explore the unique stories from international Asian students at Western Michigan University to encourage and bring awareness of the many dimensions of diversity. At the end of this research, I intend to exhibit my research findings as a presentation for students, staff, faculties, and community members who will be able to walk through and read about various cultural backgrounds and experiences at Western Michigan University of international students from five different Asian countries.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access