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First Advisor

Marcel Zondag

Second Advisor

Frank Gambino


As the popularity of online grocery shopping increases, companies are recognizing the importance of utilizing the platform to enhance their business. Although many companies have already begun creating their own version of online shopping, it is essential to learn how to maximize their online presence to adjust to shopper’s needs and wants. Many consumers are unable to envision the online shopping experience. Helping consumers form a vision for online shopping is essential in gaining shopper loyalty in the online environment to expand on brick-and-mortar sales.

This study looks to understand who is shopping and what categories they are purchasing online. It also recognizes what is preventing consumers from trying online methods such as curbside pickup services or delivery and how retailers can take action to eliminate these barriers. Although retailers are focusing on how to do the next great thing as far as delivery technology, it is often the underlying small issues in the shopping experience where retailers have the greatest opportunity to beat the competition and gain customer loyalty.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted