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Ann Veeck

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Shaun Wayman


This project discusses the different areas in which the Western Michigan University Stallions hockey club can improve their organizational structure. Being a part of the club from 2015 – 2019, I saw the tremendous amount of growth that the club had throughout Western Michigan University and the hockey world, but also understood that there was much room for improvement. By addressing these issues and offering solutions of improvement, the club will have a strategic direction to move forward with and implement.

The objectives of this plan are: (1) improving internal operations (2) increase involvement with the Kalamazoo community (3) increase the amount of funding the club is bringing in (4) raise awareness of the Stallions program (5) implement a strategy that will benefit the club as a whole.

The conclusions of this research shows that there are five main findings that will have a positive impact on the club. These findings are: (1) creating internships positions and hiring interns (2) increase people’s knowledge of our program at both Western Michigan University and in the Kalamazoo community (3) increase involvement in the Kalamazoo community and the Kalamazoo hockey community (4) increase the number of company sponsorships with the club (5) increase marketing by targeting Western Michigan University students, local companies, and Kalamazoo youth.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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