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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

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Jill Hermann-Wilmarth

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Michelle Martin


This paper first describes ADHD, or attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, then discusses the effects on students with ADD/ADHD when elements of choice (specifically alternate seating and book choice) and strength-based strategies are used in the classroom. Research is conducted as a literature review through peer-reviewed articles on ERIC educational database. The literature shows that incorporating choice in the classroom, including offering alternative seating, is a beneficial practice for students with ADD/ADHD. Additionally, strengthbased strategies are a beneficial way to highlight and work with traits that students with ADD/ADHD possess in the classroom in a positive way. Some of which include incorporating activities in which students create a product to highlight divergency and spontaneity and intentionally giving credit to any academic progress, big or small. Next, a lesson is shown before and after it receives modifications for students with ADD/ADHD. Finally, a teacher’s guide, ‘Steps to Keeping Students with ADD/ADHD in Mind When Curriculum Planning” is included based on the research provided. Key words: classroom choice, alternative seating, book choice, strength-based strategies, ADD/ADHD traits, ADD/ADHD identification in classroom.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access