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Occupational Therapy

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Ben Atchison

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Amy Wagenfeld


Nature is inherently therapeutic. Applying the principles of occupational therapy within the natural environment integrates the physical, mental, and socio-emotional health benefits afforded by nature into therapeutic intervention practices. The nature centered context of the outdoors addresses performance skills and patterns, highlighting its use as a therapeutic modality. As such, nature may be used as an effective treatment modality in the practice of occupational therapy due to the benefits that it affords. The incorporation of nature into therapeutic intervention may be based upon the environmental factors, available resources, and function of the natural environment. The goal of this literature review and activity analysis is to determine that nature-based occupations and activities may be used to enhance address and performance skills including motor skill development, sensory functioning, mental functioning, and social skill development. Additionally, this paper aims to educate on the potential for the use of nature in occupational therapy and to provide a resource to being the incorporation of nature into practice.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access