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Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management

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Dana Hammond

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Steven Butt


Mann + Hummel is a tier one automotive supplier located in Portage, Michigan. The industry sponsor for this project is Director of Operations, Dan Kempisty with his supporting team, and the academic advisor for this project is Industrial Engineering Professor, Dana Hammond. The following report focuses on improving the efficiency of Cell 301 A and Cell 301 B which manufactures the air intake manifold for the Toyota Camry and Highlander. Topics analyzed in attempts to improve efficiencies include the following; standard operating procedures, line balancing, improving quality, reducing scrap, and analyzing non-value-added tasks. Time studies were conducted on each operator on both the A and B side of the cell to collect data for analysis. From this data handling times, machine times, and wait times were studied. These were tested for accuracy and used to revise the standard work chart. Overall cycle times were then taken for each operator. These were graphed in order to show the bottle necks of the cell. Stochastic analysis was used to add variability to the model and get a better representation of how many parts are able to be produced per hour. The output of this also showed certainties to reach the goal. Based on the initial cycle time chart recommendations were made to balance the line by reassigning some non-cyclical work and by reallocating labor. The stochastic analysis was rerun with these changes made. The number of parts per hour produced increased from 42 to 47 and 38 to 44 on A and B side. This saves a total of $124,821 in labor cost over the remainder volume to be produced by the line. Along with those short term recommendations, long term recommendations were made. This was to implement a standard work audit system plant wide in order to get a better representation of the cells performance. Along with this, implementing the use of man machine charts was recommended to better show and understand the relationship between the operator and the machine.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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