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Yvonne Ford

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Pamela Wadsworth


Nursing, Employer supported education, hospitals, employer, mentoring in nursing, tuition reimbursement


Role Transition can be difficult whether the transition is planned or unplanned. The transition from student to practitioner for nurses who follow the traditional path to licensure is challenging. Practitioners who change specialties, roles or scope of practice experience some of these same challenges, as well as unique challenges. The consequences of an unsuccessful role transition include unresolved stress, reduced job satisfaction, increased risk of errors, and changing roles again, without settling into the current role. This literature review will explore these challenges from the perspective of Meleis’s Transition Theory. Successful transitions occur when the practitioner finds employment, feels pride in his/her accomplishment, has support from both family members and professional colleagues, and practices self-care to navigate the transition. This thesis will identify and outline success strategies, and offer tips for a successful transition for nurses, employers and mentor nurses.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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