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Political Science

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Thomas Kostrzewa

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Tim Lester


College athletics has become a staple in our society today. In this analysis, I do a detailed analysis of the demands of a collegiate student athlete. To be more specific, I look at how participating in college athletics affects hirability post-graduation. I am currently a football student athlete here at WMU so I have first person access to this information and can relate very well to this topic. I obtained information by taking an autobiographical approach and applying my experiences as a student athlete and using outside research to answer the question of whether or not being a student athlete gives one an advantage in obtaining a job post-graduation.

This information will allow me to share with people what it is truly like to be a student-athlete and give them a better understanding as to what we experience on a daily basis. My findings from this investigation may be helpful to those contemplating participating in collegiate athletics. Hopefully this resonates with people and they gain a new respect for college athletics and can enjoy them with a completely new perspective.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access