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First Advisor

Cheryl Bruey

Second Advisor

Jay Berkow


In any production, one of the many responsibilities of the stage manager is to communicate effectively to everyone involved in the production. This happens primarily through creating and distributing effective paperwork, attending meetings, and reporting what happens in rehearsals to the production team. This detailed archive of the production calling and blocking scores from Western Michigan University’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar is designed to be used as a tool if the production was to be remounted in the future. The contents include a fully documented blocking score with detailed choreography notation, a fully documented calling score, cast/crew/staff information, schedules and calendars, stage management information and production paperwork, the necessary design paperwork from the stage manager’s perspective from the areas of costumes, scenery, lighting, sound and arts administration. The information contained in these books is the result of a collaboration of many talented artists.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted