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Cari Burke Kolehmainen

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Chikezie Okoli


Growing up as the daughter of migrant farm laborers has sparked an interest in researching the effects of the H-2A program. With more and more unwilling domestic laborers, farmers were left with a significant lack of workers. The H-2A program is a guest worker program, that brings foreign laborers into the United States in order to assist farmers in their harvesting efforts. The lack of willing domestic labors to assist farmers in times of harvest has created the need for such program. This is a reoccurring trait throughout American history, where other guest worker programs such as the H-2A program have been used. This thesis will go into depth as to how the H-2A program impacts Michigan and the United States as a whole. It will provide a history of the program as well as measurable data that tells the story of this program. With the decrease in capable hands to assist in harvest, this program has become prominent. Throughout this thesis, research was conducted with the assistance of a Michigan farmer who currently implements the use of the H-2A Program. I was able to analyze and review the expenses incurred both for their cherry harvest and their entire farm as whole. Through this analysis, a major conclusion derived is that the H-2A program is very much needed and will most likely increase in use. Although this can be inferred, the research done also creates various questions due to the magnitude use of this program. Questions like, what will happen to family-owned farms and how will it impact farmers as the use of the program increases. The main purpose concluded from this research is to allow for expansion in overall exploration of the H-2A program. Hopefully this thesis will inspire other research within this field, and hopefully we will see the H-2A program be implemented for many years to come.

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