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Igor Fedotov

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Maria Cristina Fava


Coming to the end of my Viola Performance Degree at WMU was a milestone that I have been looking forward to since stepping foot on campus, yet a moment that felt so far away. Preparing for my Senior Viola Recital/Honors Thesis was one of the most exciting, difficult, and overall most rewarding experiences that I will never forget. I’ve had the honor of knowing my currently Viola Professor/Thesis chair since my Freshmen Year of Highschool, where I attend a summer music camp here at WMU, and I can say that I have learned so much about music, responsibility, courage, and persistence from the directions and guidance that I’ve been given throughout the years.

While brainstorming the recital program I wanted to present, there was a lot of thought towards the diversity that I wanted to include from the skills that I’ve learned during my time in the School of Music. I chose to open the program with an unaccompanied Suite, originally written for solo cello by the Baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. Taken from a collection of six, this third Suite is in the key of C major and gives off a bright and happy theme throughout the different dances. To follow this, I chose to program a Sonata that is intended to be performed with a full orchestra. This Romance, written by Romantic composer Max Bruch, is written in F minor and portrays a journey of sorrow and longing.

Third, I chose a piece that I was introduced to during the Fall of my Freshmen year at WMU. The Stamitz Viola Concerto in D Major is a staple in the viola repertoire and is commonly requested for auditions to Schools, and Professional Orchestras. I learned the first movement during my first semester in the School of Music and thought it would be a nice completion to learn the final two movements for my last solo performance on campus.

Lastly, I wanted to present a chamber piece, as chamber ensembles are apart of our requirements as music majors. My dear friend, Kenny Kressin and I began learning this piece last semester and had such a fun time being able to work together after having grown so much side by side in our studies that I couldn’t imagine a better piece to close my recital.

Being able to present this recital was such an amazing experience and it goes to show that music both heals and brings together all who appreciate it.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

Beethoven - Eyeglass (767185 kB)
Beethoven - Eyeglass Duet

Carl Stamitz - Viola Concerto in D.mp4 (2240983 kB)
Carl Stamitz - Viola Concerto in D

J.S. Bach - I, II, III.mp4 (1487741 kB)
J.S. Bach - I, II, III

J.S. Bach - IV, V, VI.mp4 (1177812 kB)
J.S. Bach - IV, V, VI

Max Bruch - Romanze.mp4 (1206478 kB)
Max Bruch - Romanze