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Social Work

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Jessica Gladden

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Yvonne Unrau

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Richard Grinnell


social work students, attitudes, yoga


Current social work students are in the position of becoming future professionals who will be providing treatment and referrals to clients. It is crucial that social workers are aware of effective treatments and utilize evidence-based practices. The present study aimed to assess opinions and knowledge of social work students towards using yoga in general and as a therapeutic intervention, which is known as trauma sensitive yoga (TSY). An anonymous survey was created in order to determine this. Participants in this study were male and female students at Western Michigan University within the College of Health and Human Services who were all 18 years old or older. The results of the study showed that the majority of social work students support the use of yoga as a therapeutic intervention, but many respondents didn’t know specific information about TSY. These findings suggest that it would be beneficial to include TSY in the curriculum for Master of Social Work programs and possibly even provide students with the option of specializing in the area of TSY.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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