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Business Information Systems

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Kuanchin Chen

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Brian Hutchinson


This paper analyzes the critical success factors for knowledge management and looks at how the current knowledge management strategy of the Warranty department at Eaton. To analyze these success factors, the current platforms for knowledge management were analyzed for their intended use, determined how the platforms were used by the department, and determined flaws of the current platform in relation to the needs of the department. Training content and methods were analyzed to determine effectiveness. The results show that the current knowledge management strategy of the department lacks the ability to capture critical business knowledge, information is siloed between departments, and that knowledge transfer to and between employees needs improvement. Dynamics 365 is the proposed solution to centralizing and capturing department knowledge due to its Microsoft integration and feature set. Implementation of a training schedule is the proposed solution to employee knowledge transfer and retention due to the need for training evaluation, role identification, and a formal training strategy.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access