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Chemical and Paper Engineering

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Dan Fleming

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Alexandra Pekarovicova


Color is a subjective attribute that is seen differently by each individual and this research is intended to build upon the subjective nature of color perceptions. This research aims to determine the effect of subjectivity on print and digital design and of extended gamut printing and effective color management on color perception. The significance of understanding color perception is directly applicable to consumer perception of designs using color. If designers want their brand to be immediately recognized and be positively accepted, they must be able to accurately reproduce their brand colors with little to no color difference and be able to understand the way it will resonate with consumers. In order to better understand color differences and color perception, the studies to be carried out within this research will explore how one’s experience leads them identify colors in a certain way, how true colors are identified differently by different people and how extended gamut printing can affect color identification. It is hypothesized that extended gamut printing will help decrease subjectivity gaps between the participants and that each participant’s experience will lead them to name colors differently, however, it is likely that a few individuals could name colors in the same way as well.

The outcomes of the research objectives found that prior knowledge, emotional response, and personal experience are factors that had an effect on participant ability to name colors, the use of an extended gamut printer did create a smaller gap within the subjectivity of color identification, and participants did not have any visions deficiencies when tested.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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