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Business - Interdisciplinary

First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


Adobe asked students across the nation to complete an integrated marketing campaign for the NSAC American Advertising Federation Case Competition held in April 2020. The campaign focused on raising awareness for Adobe Experience Cloud, a product that helps you organize, create, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The client provided teams with background information on the company, competitor names, objectives they wished to be achieved from the campaign, target audiences, and a $4 million budget. Our team, senior Advertising and Promotion students led by Dr. Karen Lancendorfer at Western Michigan University, researched, strategized, and designed a full integrated marketing campaign for the client to implement.

The first step in the creation of the campaign was to conduct research and create a media plan for Adobe Experience Cloud that analyzed the company and overall industry. This year was different than last year in terms of target market. This campaign was a business to business campaign and had a target market of 35-54 year old enterprise advertising buyers and media agency buyers. This target market is slightly tougher than an average consumer target because you can’t just have an endcap display at the grocery store. We had to think more strategically when it came to the placement of our advertisements.

Once the research was complete, the media team had to choose what types of media we suggested the company use to reach its target market most effectively. After the budget was set for each media type, the team had to figure out how much of the target market would actually be exposed to the campaign through the media. Along with that, the creative team used insights given from the strategy and media teams to create our big idea, “Bring Your A Game”.

My role in the creation of the “Bring Your A Game” campaign was a member on the creative team. In this role, I helped come up with creative ideas that our campaign could be centered around. Once our team came up with ideas, we had the entire class vote for their favorite and provide us with their thoughts and concerns. After the theme was solidified, we began creating advertisements that would be placed in various locations, such as social media and out of home areas. Most of my time and energy was focused on producing copy and designs for social media that would appeal to our target market. The social media networks I primarily focused on were Facebook and LinkedIn.

Due to the global impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, every team had to record their presentation and send it in rather than present it in person. We turned in the plans book on April 1, submitted the presentation on April 8, and had a Q&A with the judges on April 10. The results will be announced on April 21, 2020.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted