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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

First Advisor

Daniel Kujawski

Second Advisor

Mitchel Keil


Western Michigan University’s Formula SAE team, Bronco Racing, designs and manufactures a formula-style vehicle to compete annually at an international collegiate design and racing competition. In order to remain competitive, Bronco Racing required a lighter chassis for the 2021 vehicle. To achieve this, the full 2020 carbon fiber monocoque chassis system was redesigned to be lightweight while considering packaging constraints, the Formula SAE rules, and design parameters set by Bronco Racing. The monocoque geometry was modeled using SolidWorks and the carbon composite was simulated, tested, and verified using ANSYS and quasi-static load frame testing. The newly designed 2021 monocoque chassis when compared to the 2020 decreases weight by 8.24 kg and cuts cost by $3,442.57. Also, a comprehensive manufacturing plan was then produced, allowing Bronco Racing to manufacture the monocoque to design specifications.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

Hiller Senior Design Presentation.pdf (4399 kB)
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