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Business - Interdisciplinary

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Bret Wagner

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Mingming Feng

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Inna Voytsekhivska


This paper will look into the various types of student loan debt and the ways it can be acquired. It will also look at the different effects that this type of debt has on the students whom hold it. This paper will also briefly look at how debt effects the spending and lifestyle of students after they graduate. The point is to see why there is so much debt and to see trends relating why there is more now than there was in years prior. This will give an idea of why the increase in student loan debt is happening and give some insight into how we can stop it from increasing as dramatically as it has been. The research shows that the main factor in increased student loan debt is the massive increase in the price of college and its related materials. The rate of inflation is not nearly high enough to be the reason for the price increase. It will also show how there are students struggling to pay their loans back and are going bankrupt or getting delinquent on their payments because they cannot afford them.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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