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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Kelly Kohler

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Richard Malott

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Sofia Peters


Bidirectional naming is the ability to acquire a listener response or tact for a stimulus and then emit the other operant without further training. Incidental naming refers to the ability to emit the listener response and tact for the item without direct reinforcement after just being exposed to the name of the item. The development of naming could allow a child to learn more readily from the natural environment. However, it is unclear if bidirectional naming and incidental naming are two separate skills, or if one is potentially a prerequisite for the other. For this project, procedures outlined by Greer & Ross (2008) were used to test incidental naming, while procedures outlined by degli Espinosa (2011) were used to test bidirectional naming to identify which types of naming the child displayed. The participant displayed half of naming for the incidental naming test. These results showed that after the child was exposed to the instructor labeling the items, she could identify pictures as a listener but could not tact them. The results of the bidirectional naming test showed that she displayed full naming, both listener responding and tacting after acquiring one operant. The implications of the results and future directions for research are discussed.

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