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Lisa Singleterry

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Sally Vliem

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Pamela Wadsworth


The diagnosis of cancer during pregnancy is uncommon. It is estimated that only 3,500 cases of cancer during pregnancy are diagnosed each year, which correlates to one case per 1,000 pregnancies (Pavlidis, 2000). The management of cancer during pregnancy is complex since it involves both the expecting mother and the fetus. Although there are several treatment options available, they are commonly aggressive. The diagnosis of cancer during pregnancy can create dilemmas for patients and health care providers. Pregnant women may be hesitant to receive cancer treatment due to the potential effects it may have on their developing fetus. On the other hand, physicians may be hesitant to advise expecting mothers to discontinue their cancer treatment. Evaluating the effects of chemotherapeutic agents on fetal and childhood development is crucial to enhancing maternal autonomy and providing patient-centered care. The purpose of this thesis was to examine the short and long-term effects of intrauterine maternal chemotherapy on the physical and cognitive development of fetuses and children. Once identified, the effects were placed into an educational flier to help nurses better educate and support expecting mothers and enhance their autonomy.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access