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Whitney Moncrief

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Jeremy Blair


This portfolio serves as the fulfillment of both my honors thesis for the Lee Honors College, and my Department of Dance capstone for DANC 4800: Graduating Presentations. The typical process for DANC 4800 involves producing a concert in collaboration with the rest of the senior B.F.A. class, in which each member presents an original piece of choreography. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis and the switch to distance education, our concert was cancelled, and we were forced to abruptly stop rehearsing. In this transition, my project shifted from the creation of a new work to the revisiting of a solo from last spring and from producing a real concert to a hypothetical one. This portfolio reflects the choreography, design, and production elements of the solo, as well as the work which was put into planning and producing what would have been our evening length concert. While it was deeply saddening to lose the opportunity to finish my work-in-progress and put on the concert, it has been a great privilege to revisit Inner Workings and share it with others during this unprecedented time.

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