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Kelly Kohler

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Richard Malott

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Robin Luo


Receptive Identification, autism, picture-prompt fading procedure, generalization


Many of the skills needed to live happily and independently are not in the repertoires of children diagnosed with autism, and they do not learn these skills through exposure to others (MacDuff, 2001). One of the skills children diagnosed with ASD struggle to develop is receptive identification. There is often a risk of prompt dependence or failure to transfer stimulus control to the desired stimuli when using LTM prompting methods. Children with autism spectrum disorder may require a different approach in developing a receptive language repertoire. The purpose of this study was to teach a child diagnosed with ASD receptive identification after failure to develop the skill using the traditional method. The present study used a picture-prompt fading method with the targets on the index cards starting at 100 percent intensity and then systematically fading them down to 1 percent intensity. The overall study showed to be effective in teaching the subject receptive identification by using a picture prompt fading procedure.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access