Date of Defense

Fall 12-5-2000



First Advisor

Marilyn Duke, Academic Skills Center

Second Advisor

Kathleen Sinning, Accounting


computer software


The purpose of this project is to implement an accounting system that met the specific needs of the Academic Skills Center (ASC). The ASC provides Content Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction services to the student population. The ASC requires a system that tracks payroll for three reasons: (1) when funded by a grant, it is required that certain information be tracked, (2) to keep track of the payroll budget, and, (3) for the purposes of comparing information amongst various students and across departments. The system must be kept simple because the Payroll Manager is a student employee, typically lacking experience, and the turnover rate is high. Examines available software options and provides tips and examples for the Payroll Manager.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only