Date of Defense

Spring 4-9-1989



First Advisor

Thomas Coyne, Student Services

Second Advisor

Bruce Naftel

Third Advisor

Dennis Darling


Significant cultural and societal issues were documented through the use of simple, graphic, visual poster graphics. The five initial topics were AIDS, alcoholism, homophobia, racism, and sexual harassment. It was the primary goal of the project to gain attention from students who are overwhelmed by advertisement paraphernalia. All of the issues relate to the campus community in which self respect and self-esteem is correspondent to the behavior of the diverse population at Western Michigan University. The first proposal was written to establish a client/designer agreement on the approach of immediate impact imagery versus a more literate information poster. The research was completed and images were generated using a matrix grid. The images were listed on a "X" axis and the specific words of the issue on the "Y" axis. The comprehensive layouts were approved due to the reaction of the committee and individuals picked at random to view the posters and then give responses on their reactions. Time, subjective evaluations, various points of view, and the credibility of input were all compiled for refining two out of the five topics. After reworking and tightening up the selected graphics, a final camera-ready mechanical was provided for "drinking" at an oral defense. The stimulating printed imagery was posted throughout Western Michigan University. There needs to be a study of the effectiveness of visual formats on stimulating the college community in order to evaluate the success of using imagery to make a statement.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only