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Biological Sciences

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David Huffman

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Jaafar Hachem

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Gabriel Alves


hereditary fructose intolerance, MSNBA, GLUT5, western blotting, fructose metabolism, fructose malabsorption, FHs 74 Int


This thesis describes an experiment that was designed in order to obtain information that could be useful for treating individuals with HFI. The author hypothesized that MSNBA would inhibit GLUT5 and fructose metabolism in the small intestine. The final experimental design involves exposing a small intestine cell line to fructose and MSNBA. The cell line would be exposed to MSNBA over the course of three different periods, and data was intended to be obtained using western blotting and a fructose assay kit. Although the final experimental design project was not fully carried out due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, a plausible experimental design was produced. The experimental design has the potential to be modified in ways that could be used to test the effects of MSNBA with more informative results. The modifications could be used to plan a study that could obtain more useful data than the final experimental design described in this work.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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