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Carolyn Pavlik

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Kelsey Paschich


Formulated Ataxia is an athletic and vigorous choreographic work based on the overall theme of recognizing order within chaos. With a cast of eleven dancers, I created a world that depicts the cycle of anxiety and how I seek organization within chaos. Choreographically, I toyed around with aspects of my neurological condition, synesthesia. Synesthesia can be described as a way of organization people and situations with numbers. Part of my research involved delving deep into the theory of chaos, as it mirrors the cyclical nature of my mental and emotional instability. This work invites a thrilling and exhausting experience for the audience as the dancers fight their biggest fears. The three different sections offer contrast within the work, as the cycle begins light heartedly, and commences with great chaos. This portfolio encapsulates the creative elements associated with the developments of this work, including reasoning for aesthetic, music analysis, and theatrical design.

As of March 12th, 2020, Western Michigan University closed the school due to COVID-19 and cancelled the Graduating Presentation Concert, Six Point Convergence. My work, Formulated Ataxia, as well as the work from the other BFAs in my class were supposed to be presented in this larger concert April 9th-11th. This portfolio outlines the steps that my colleagues and I took to creatively assemble the elements necessary for the concert. This documentation includes all of the proper paperwork needed, if this concert were to have gone on as planned. My personal information is also included, as a resume, headshot, dance shot, artistic statement, and program biography are all necessary in the professional dance world.

This project I am submitting is a work in progress. All rehearsals were cancelled, and I was only able to finish with a total of 8 minutes and 45 seconds of choreography. Therefore, this dance was never performed as intended. An archival video was released to the public via the WMU Department of Dance’s social media page on the intended weekend of the performance. The same recording can be viewed as it is attached to this portfolio. This video includes rehearsal footage and the artistic approach that I had pertaining to choreographing this work.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Six Point Convergence

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