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Social Work

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Sojn Boothroyd

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Antonio Isea

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Ashleigh Watson


This thesis seeks to discuss questions surrounding the intricacies and intertwining narratives of white supremacy culture and capitalism, and other systems of oppression that they fuel. For my research, I intentionally used anecdotes, essays, poems, books, and social media posts by primarily queer, trans, Black and Indigenous women and femmes. In doing so, I delve into the inherent relationship between whiteness, white exploitative institutions, and power. I discuss the history of the two systems of oppression in the United States through analyzing pillars and characteristics of white supremacy culture and capitalism, western colonized science and research, sexism, white feminism, fatphobia, whorephobia, classism, queerphobia, transphobia, environmental racism, the climate crisis, and compost. Through each of these frameworks, we arrive at the same conclusion: we should have been listening to queer and trans Black and Indigenous people of color, who have consistently connected the intertwining and violent nature of white supremacy and capitalism.

“We need to join together in a rebellion of love, persistence, commitment, and profound caring and create constellations of co-resistance, working together toward a radical alternative present based on deep reciprocity and the gorgeous generative refusal of colonial recognition.” –Leanna Betasamosake Simpson

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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