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Interdisciplinary Health Programs

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Robert Bensley

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Cassie Lopez-Jeng


Background: Ask Me 3 was developed as a tool to help individuals successfully communicate with their healthcare providers (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, n.d.). This was designed to study the effectiveness of this tool in educating adult learners of Kalamazoo, MI, through the Kalamazoo Literacy Council (KLC) Virtual Learning Center.

Objective: The objective was to determine whether learners of the Kalamazoo Literacy Council gained confidence communicating with a healthcare provider through the implementation of a distance education Ask Me 3 program.

Methods: Learners associated with the KLC were sent a pre-lesson survey asking them to assess their confidence levels with using the Ask Me 3 tool and communicating with their healthcare provider. They were then asked to attend an Ask Me 3 lesson presented virtually by the Kalamazoo Literacy Council, and a post-lesson survey followed asking the same questions as the initial survey. Based on the results of these surveys, we can conclude whether implementing a lesson on Ask Me 3 into literacy classes is beneficial to the learners.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to educate adult learners on Ask Me 3 in order to help lower the health literacy barrier within Kalamazoo County.

Results: Results were not able to show whether learners gained confidence communicating with a healthcare provider, and no statistical analysis was conducted due to a lack of participants completing data collection.

Conclusion: Ask Me 3 is a simple educational program that can easily be implemented within health literacy adult education, but further research is needed to determine the effect of this program on patient outcomes.

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