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Occupational Therapy

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Michelle Suarez

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Ben Atchison


Health care professionals are continuing to learn about childhood trauma and the implications on health and development. With time, there has become a better understanding of how to determine and provide the resources needed for families and children who have experienced childhood trauma. Additionally, information about childhood trauma is slowly being understood throughout public school districts. This allows teachers to better understand children and accommodate their needs. This honors thesis will discuss childhood trauma and the development of a resource that can be used to provide elementary school-aged students with a place to go when they need assistance with regulation. This “Safe Space” can be used in schools to provide students with a place to go and regulate when school becomes overwhelming. The “Safe Space” manual at the end of this thesis will outline and provide guidance as to how to facilitate proper use of the “Safe Space” and how a professional can navigate through children’s emotions in a healthy manner.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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