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Zoann Snyder

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Valaree Kyser


Resident Assistants have the opportunity to make a great impact on students’ experiences during their time living on campus. RAs can influence students to get involved and step outside their comfort zone. This research was completed in two separate parts. The first titled Resident Assistants and Race Relations interviewed 5 African American resident assistants to gain an in-depth understanding of the experience of African American RAs at Western Michigan University. The resident assistants interviewed were asked about the major barriers, difficulties and inequalities they faced in their workplace and in the application process.

This second part of this study titled Resident Assistants and Race Relations: Student Body Survey seeks to investigate how students were affected by their RAs while living on campus as related to their race and the race of their RA. This research also provides an idea of the perception students had of their RA. An online survey conducted through Qualtrics was used to better understand how students feel about the relationship they had with their resident assistant. The findings of this research may be helpful for university administrators, staff, and students to support and sustain a diverse residence life on campus. It may also provide the Department of Housing and Residence Life with perceptions of student and RA relationships.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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