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First Advisor

Michelle Hrivnyak

Second Advisor

Vincent Desroches


Francophone, health equity, refugee, migrant, COVID-19


A collaborative approach is needed to understand the multifaceted medical bias and inequalities experienced by refugee camps of Francophone (French-speaking) nations. A combination of interest and passion for anthropology, medicine, and the French language presents a unique window of intersectionality to analyze this issue. Through a comprehensive review of literature published in both English and French languages, and connections with directors and leaders of refugee camps located in France and French-speaking African nations, we have elucidated a few examples of alarming medical bias experienced by both refugees and migrants. Although an exhaustive list of medical bias could be presented on this topic, in this project we chose to focus our attention on the following areas: lack of healthcare education, compounding medical conditions and financial inaccessibility to care. This research is highly essential given the current COVID-19 pandemic, as it has highlighted these inequalities even further and can provide real-time data to exemplify and explain the discrepancies Francophone refugees have experienced for generations. Overall, this project presents a consolidated but interdisciplinary review of health equity as evaluated through the COVID-19 response in Francophone refugee camps. The goals of this project are to raise awareness of the patterns of medical bias refugees and migrants in Francophone countries experience so physicians and other healthcare workers can be more prepared in the future to not only prevent the illness itself, but to consider the patient’s background and position in attempt to better take care of the whole patient

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access