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First Advisor

Bruce Uchimura

Second Advisor

Kennedy Dixon


Kenny Kressin started to study the cello in 2001 at the age of four with Patty Hicks in Orange, California. Kenny spent about 11 years studying the Suzuki method under Ms. Hicks until he switched cello teachers when he started to attend Orange County High School of the Arts. Starting in 2012, Kenny studied under Laszlo Mezo in Irvine, California. Throughout the years, Kenny has grown as a soloist, orchestral musician, and chamber musician. As an orchestral musician, he has been a part of the Orange County School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra and the Pacific Symphony Santiago Strings Orchestra. His chamber music experience includes being a member of the award winning Phantom Piano Trio and being the cellist in the Orange County School of the Arts Quartet. After high school, Kenny attended Western Michigan University where he studied under Bruce Uchimura in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At Western Michigan University, Kenny was a member of the University Symphony Orchestra as well as many chamber groups. During his junior year in college, Kenny was given the opportunity to study music with Josephine Vains at the Melbourne Conservatory in Australia.

This senior thesis is a video of Kenny Kressin’s senior recital. A recital program and program notes are included. This is the fourth solo recital that Kenny has performed at Western Michigan University. This recital was made possible due to years of practicing and preparation. His thesis chair was his teacher, Bruce Uchimura. Kennedy Dixon, a graduate student at Western Michigan University, was on his thesis committee as well. The recital process consisted of choosing pieces, score study, practicing, private lessons, chamber rehearsals, and the final recording process.

This recital was premiered on December 2nd, 2020, and included the following pieces:

J.S. Bach Cello Suite in Eb Major Number 4

(1685-1750) I. Prelude

II. Allemande

III. Courante

IV. Sarabande

V. Bourrée I/II

VI. Gigue

Kenny Kressin, Cello

David Popper Requiem for Three Cellos and Piano Opus 66


Becca Spurbeck, Cello

Kenny Kressin, Cello

Cynthia Atkinson, Cello

Pablo Valladares, Piano

Antonín Dvorák Cello Concerto in B minor Opus 104

(1841-1904) I. Allegro

II. Adagio, ma non troppo

III. Finale: Allegro-Andante-Allegro Vivo

Kenny Kressin, Cello

Carl Witt, Piano

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

Program and Notes.pdf (115 kB)
Program and Notes

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Recital Program

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