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Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Steven Durbin

Second Advisor

Robert Makin


When designing models for quantum systems, researchers are often limited to computer models to develop a large pool of data. This has always been the case until the discovery was made that bouncing droplets of silicone oil can provide a decent representation of quantum mechanical particles. A system to model this representation was created. It is designed to run continuously for a large number of trials without the need for human interaction, as well as collect motion data from generated oil droplets. The droplet generator system is composed of a fluid reservoir, pump, piezoelectric buzzer, fluid chamber, and a nozzle to generate the oil droplets. The droplets move from the generator to an experimental setup where their location is tracked using an OpenCV driven image processing algorithm on a Raspberry Pi. This system will be a tool for studying quantum systems on a macro scale.

Western Michigan University’s Senior Design Presentation can be found in the following YouTube link:

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access