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Interdisciplinary EUP

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Elyse Connors

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Brian Gogan


People who are blind or visually impaired have to learn how to do everyday tasks differently than the sighted community. They have to learn how to cook, clean, and perform daily living tasks in a way that works for them. Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRT) are specialized professionals that work with individuals who have a visual impairment, in order to teach non visual ways of carrying out activities of daily living. For some daily living activities, such as access to print information, the use of technology is a great strategy for persons with visual impairment to employ. VRTs teach many types of technology and assess persons with visual impairments for appropriate technologies to help in the performance of ADLs. The question we are examining in this paper is, does the age of the VRT practitioner affect the frequency at which they teach specific aspects of access technology?

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Honors Thesis-Restricted