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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Jou-Chen Chen

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Robin Millar


The change of systematic dynamic in a foster parent's household can be drastic when a foster child joins the family. There will be changes in the family functions, and the changes that each individual has to adapt to may cause high levels of stress. Foster parents have expressed burnout due to multiple factors, including increased levels of stress related to fostering a child, lack of preparation, and challenging experiences that change the dynamic of the household (Brown & Campbell, 2007). The purpose of this study is to investigate factors related to burnout in foster parents, such as stressors and lack of preparation. The study uses Reuben Hill's (1983) ABC-X model as a theoretical basis to explain the rationale of stressors that result in foster parent burnout. The study hypothesized that when the perceptions of the stress are viewed negatively, and resources are insufficient or not available, a family crisis is more likely to occur.

This study uses a non-experimental cross-sectional design to conduct the study. Twenty-two foster parents from Kalamazoo and surrounding areas were recruited, and data obtained for the study was collected from online surveys sent to foster care parents. The study findings increased the understanding of the relationship between stress level and burnout rate among foster parents and enlightened professionals on improvement areas to reduce the burnout rate among foster parents.

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