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Biological Sciences

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Tiffany Schriever

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Dave Karowe


The assemblage of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities is highly dependent on biotic and abiotic interactions within a given environment. Across environmental gradients, assemblages of aquatic macroinvertebrates may be predictable. I examined the relationship between Odonata larvae and the terrestrial canopy gradient in interdunal wetlands in Ludington State Park. Additionally, I examined the correlation between Odonata larvae assemblages and aquatic vegetation at each wetland site. I repeated this process with the aquatic macroinvertebrate community at each wetland site to compare assemblage trends. I found no correlation between terrestrial vegetation and richness of Odonata larvae or aquatic macroinvertebrate community, but a positive correlation between aquatic vegetation and richness of both Odonata and aquatic macroinvertebrates. I found a positive correlation between geographic distance and dissimilarity of macroinvertebrate assemblages.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Wednesday, March 23, 2022