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Civil and Construction Engineering

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Decker Hains

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Valerian Kwigizile


This report provides a clear description of a site development design project for a future medical service facility. The site is approximately 46,818 square feet and is located at 203 E. Centre Avenue Portage, Michigan 49002 United States. This is in a high traffic area that is surrounded by different public and academic institutions including Portage Central High School and Portage Public Library. The commercial buildings surrounding this area are Comerica Bank, Dairy Queen and a new Senior Center currently under construction. Our team is proposing two different site-layout options for the future development of this building. This medical service facility will offer services that will benefit the community and attract new business to the area. The main aspects for this project include transportation, water resources, and construction management. Engineering design software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project were utilized for modeling and design purposes. Other resources used will be from AASHTO, ACI, ASTM, and various other specification texts. AVB is our sponsor with Jack Michael as representative, with Eric Barkovich from Hurley & Stewart as our professional engineer representative, and the City of Portage as our professional lead and primary consultant.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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