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Computer Science

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Jason Johnson

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Colin MacCreery


Temperature control systems in consumer appliances like that of a thermostat interfacing with HVAC systems, refrigerators and ovens are oscillatory in nature. There is a temperature at which the machine that causes the change in the system comes on and a different temperature at which it comes off. While sufficient for humans, welding, metal casting, and other metallurgical processes require precise temperature control, more precise than the hysteresis of a consumer system.

Proportional integral derivative (PID) provides a better way of monitoring the way temperature changes when the entity that changes the environment comes on and renders changes in system temperature more precise without as much oscillation as that of a consumer system. The temperature controllers that do this, however, tend to cost around $200 to $300 at least. Allin, Machine Shop Spec in the Department of Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems (EDMMS) at WMU, seeks to construct a PID temperature controller using an MSP430 to mitigate that expense (the MSP430 Allin intends to use for this project is inexpensive: around $2 for the chip itself and $10-$15 for the launchpad).


Co-authored with:

Macallister Armstrong

Lorand Mezei

Jeremy Evans

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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