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First Advisor

Bruce Uchimura

Second Advisor

David Lisker


This paper is one of two components of an undergraduate thesis in fulfillment of the degree requirements as set by the Carl and Winifred Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. The other component is an unaccompanied, video-recorded performance of all three movements of the piece discussed in this paper. The paper begins with a brief introduction to Dvořák’s cello concerto, giving a brief background on one of its most famous performances at the BBC Proms in 1968. A brief biography of Dvořák follows, after which a more detailed background on the concerto is presented. After this is a discussion of the methods for analysis of each of the three movements, detailing the logical process, references to loosely parallel schools of analysis, and explanations to the visual aids contained in the Appendices. Each movement is then broken down to the content of each of the phrases, and juxtaposed with the overarching themes of each movement. This paper is presented as a hybrid between the format of traditional program notes and a research paper. Changes in voice and tone reflect this, while maintaining rigorous citation and referential methods and material. Works cited are presented after the reflection note and Appendices.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted