Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Speech, Language and Hearing Science

First Advisor

Laura DeThorne

Second Advisor

Hope Gerlach

Third Advisor

Henry Angulo


This project set out to create a tool to examine individuals’ perspectives on autism based on key features of the medical model versus neurodiversity paradigm highlighted by Angulo and DeThorne (2019). Across an 8-month period, lab team members created and iteratively revised a questionnaire entitled the Autism Understanding Tool for Introspection & Evaluation (AUTIE). The developed AUTIE consisted of 15 demographic questions, 16 questions pertaining to individual’s perspectives on autism, and 2 case-based vignettes aimed at eliciting goal-writing samples from SLPs. It was the researcher’s goal that this tool be used by individuals to gain better insight into their perspectives on autism and that they would be open to considering other perspectives than the historically prevalent medical perspective.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted