Date of Defense


Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


Tinder, a worldwide online dating application, asked advertising students across the nation to compete in an integrated marketing campaign for the NSAC American Advertising Federation Case Competition held in April 2021. The client provided teams with background information on the company, target audiences, objectives they wanted to be achieved, and a $10 million budget. Our team, made up of senior Advertising and Promotion students led by Dr. Karen Lancendorfer at Western Michigan University, researched, strategized, and designed a fully integrated marketing campaign for the client to implement.

The first step in the creation of the campaign was the collection of an abundance of primary and secondary research to understand how people overall felt about dating apps and Tinder. Next, we identified our target audience: Generation Z, Change Makers, and more specifically 18–19-year-olds in the United States. Through this research, we came across an underlying idea within our target audience: they believe online dating is effective, and a good place to “talk and meet new people”. Our Change Makers also believe that they have the power to transform the world for the better. They are at a time in their life when they are discovering who they are and reaching for new and fun experiences. Thus, we decided to reach out to our target market nationally with the slogan, “Why Don’t We?”

After developing the big idea of “Why Don’t We?”, the team put together a national media schedule using designated channels to reach our target audience. This includes: streaming video on YouTube and Twitch, social media focusing on Instagram and Tik Tok, paid search/SEO, programmatic, native advertising, murals, and more. These media channels featured creative executions that our Creative Team developed using Adobe software. With research completed, the big idea formed, and creative produced, the Production Team created the Plans Book, a 21-page document to feature our insights and creative executions for the “Why Don’t We?” campaign. As the Plans Book was finished, team members aided in the development of a script and slide deck that aligned with the tone of the campaign in preparation for the 20-minute video presentation that was submitted in the competition.

My role in the creation of the “Why Don’t We?” campaign, was as a Creative Director along with one of my peers. In this role, I oversaw all efforts within creative including: idea generation, copy development, and creative executions. I acted as a liaison between the account execs and the creative team. I was also tasked to help with the presentation in which I was the first face the judges saw when viewing our presentation.

On April 9, 2021, our team of Advertising and Promotion students competed in the NSAC American Advertising Federation Case Competition virtually. We placed third in our district.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted