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tethered is a seven minute dance for film that explores the baggage that every individual carries with them on a daily basis. When walking through a crowd, it is hard to imagine the people, thoughts, and experiences others might be connected to, as if by a tether. This graduating presentation thesis is a culminating project which combines the knowledge and experience I have gained as an artist in dance, choreography, costuming, conceptualization, and most recently - film. The full portfolio includes my artist biography, dance and headshots, resume, personal artistic statement, as well as the project elements. These project elements consist of a twelve-page essay about my concept, rehearsal process, casting, and decision making on location, camera angles, and editing, as well as music analysis, production and design elements, publicity and promotional materials, a final budget, concert program, and information on my coordinator position as the program coordinator.

The concept for my project stems from my recent experiences navigating a changed society due to the current global pandemic. As senior year approached, I was experiencing an immense amount of stress, uncertainty, and lack of motivation. As I spoke to my peers, I realized that many others had the same struggles; we all simply found ways to hide from others what we carried with us continuously. I then decided to focus on this idea of everyone having their own baggage, and do a bit of research on the topic including the different types of things people carry along with them.

My dance film is organized into three sections. It begins with multiple individuals repeating a phrase in their own timing, symbolizing an entrance into their thoughts. It then shifts to focus on one dancer, shifting back and forth between being in her head and seeing her on the street. This soloist then passes a couple, and the film moves on to focus on their relationship. As these dancers give the audience a look into their experience, the full group enters and begins the final section that represents the idea of everyone having their own baggage despite their ability to dance in unison with those around them.

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