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Scott Boerma

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Thomas (Trey) Harris

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Mary Land


wind band music, composition, conducting, music education, music pedagogy, conducting methods, musicianship


Scott Boerma is a well-known wind music composer and conductor. In this paper, I will examine his career development as a composer and conductor. I will include brief analyses of some of his musical compositions based on form, orchestration, usage of harmonic and melodic devices, etc. I will also talk about his conducting methods when he conducts different pieces and conveys various musical ideas. There are three sections in this thesis: 1) Scott Boerma’s musical journey (how he became a successful composer and conductor); 2) Analyses of his compositions: Fanfare for a Golden Sky, Bora Bora, Shadows, Poem, and Cityscape; 3) His educational concepts and conducting methods which he teaches young music educators and conductors.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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