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Heather McGee

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Douglas Johnson

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Juan Lopez


Feedback is a procedure frequently used in organizational behavior management across a variety of settings, and it was the most commonly used independent variable within the first three decades of publication in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (1977-2009; Balcazar et al., 1989; Nolan et al., 1999; VanStelle et al., 2012). Despite the popularity of feedback in businesses, there has been little research analyzing the effects of virtual feedback and virtual environment on productivity. With technological advances in today’s society, more companies are opting for remote work, and this trend will likely increase with events such as the COVID-19 pandemic (Buscaglia, 2020). As remote work increases, it is important to establish the effectiveness of virtual feedback delivery methods. The purpose of this study is to analyze and compare the effects of virtual feedback modalities given from a remote environment on productivity. The current study will use a single factor, four-group design to compare the effectiveness of four different conditions of feedback: (a) baseline (no feedback), (b) live virtual feedback, (c) typed feedback, and (d) pre-recorded video feedback. The number of puzzles solved by each participant and the average amount of time it took each participant to solve each puzzle will be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the feedback conditions.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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