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Kelsey Paschich

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Alyssa Park


This portfolio fulfills the requirements for both my Department of Dance senior capstone, DANC 4800: Graduating Presentation, titled sunday, and my honors thesis for the Lee Honors College. DANC 4800 requires the senior BFA dance students to collaborate and produce a dance concert, usually held in-person, but was hosted virtually this year due to COVID-19. This capstone is designed for the students to create a portfolio worthy of sharing with the public and to aid in their career post-graduation. Responsibilities during this process include the choreographing an original work, managing production elements, promoting the concert, and coordinating with any personnel in and outside of Western Michigan University. sunday is a dance for film choreographed, filmed, and edited by myself. The piece is intimate, emotionally raw, warm, and inviting. In addition to choreographing a work, everyone is assigned a coordinator position holding different responsibilities to fulfill. Holding the position of Photography Coordinator, I planned a photo shoot for the eighteen senior BFA dancers to ensure each dancer had materials to use for self-promotion and future auditions. This project also serves as a performance opportunity for the under classmen in the Department of Dance. Preparation for the concert begins when auditions occur in the fall semester, and concludes at the end of the spring semester during the final showing. This portfolio reflects the choreography, design and production elements, and planning that went into creating this year’s concert, All Things Considered. I found the process of collaborating and producing a show rewarding. It was incredible to see the talent and hard work culminate into one experience. This project, along with my previous three years of schooling at Western, has helped me find my niche in dance, photography, and videography. I want to continue to create within these mediums to share how beautiful it is to exist fully in the small mundane moments.

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